Environmental Policy

We know that the environment matters just as much to you as it does to us

That’s why we’ve set out a clear series of standards and policies which help us protect our planet


We know that transport is a major contributor to environmental issues. These policies are the steps we take of minimise our impact wherever possible

  • Dependability
    Comply with and exceed legislation:
    We always try to go the extra mile in terms of efficiency and reducing impact
  • Use less water
    We aim to use as little of this precious resource as possible while keeping everything ruthlessly clean
  • Recycling
    Everything which can be recycled is recycled. Whether that’s the rubbish from your journey or waste from our office and depot. Everything that can’t be recycled is disposed of in a responsible manner.
  • Reduce Emissions
    Our fleet is under constant upgrade to ensure that each vehicle has as low an impact as possible. Each of our chauffeurs is trained in fuel efficient driving
  • Energy Efficiency
    From energy efficient lighting in our office, to using recycled products where possible, we do our best to ensure that our operation has as low an impact as possible
  • Cleaning
    Wherever possible, we ensure that our cleaning products are environmentally sound while still leaving our coaches spotless
  • Training
    We ensure that each of our colleagues is fully aware of our expectations and equipped with suitable training to meet them
  • Auditing
    By undertaking constant auditing of our policies and how they’re implemented, we ensure that we are always doing our bit as best we can

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Transport for London Low Emission Zones

As local authorities across Europe wake up to the environmental crisis, many are introducing Low Emissions Zones in their city centers to encourage the most polluting of vehicles to be upgraded to cleaner options. In order for us to operate within these zones, each of our vehicles must meet stringent standards.
We are proud to say that we meet and exceed these standards and will continue to do so as the bar is raised