That depends. It’s actually illegal to consume alcohol on the way to certain events such as football games. Talk to us about what you need and we’ll always try to accommodate where we can.
We can’t answer that here and now, but when circumstances allow, then we will be happy to oblige.
No. Each coach has a maximum capacity which is equal to the number of seats available. If you require a bigger vehicle, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.
of course. Please let us know if any children are travelling with you in advance. They can sit on your lap, in a car seat (which you must provide) or in one of our coach seats. Please be aware that even if they are on your lap, they must still be counted in the maximum capacity for the coach for insurance purposes.
We are unable to offer car seats for insurance purposes, but if you bring your own, we will be happy to help you fit them.
Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a breakdown proof vehicle. You can rest assured though that our entire fleet is maintained to the highest standard and as newer vehicles, breakdowns are very unlikely. We also have contingency plans in place should the worst happen.
That depends on how big the coach is. Generally, the larger the vechile, the more space there is for baggage.
Parking up to £15 per day is worked into the cost of hiring the coach. Some places such as Wembley of the NEC can charge upwards of £50 per day and this will require an additional payment.
We’ll always do our best to accommodate you for any unforeseen changes on the day of hire. We ask that you keep us up to date on what is happening and we’ll be able to advise you of any additional charges we may have to add to your bill.
As chauffeurs of passenger carrying vehicles are strickly regulated in terms of the number of hours they can drive to protect passengers and other road users, we include allowances for the required rest periods in each quote and itinerary.
There are a number of factors. Most often it’s down to the age of the coach- older coaches cost less to buy but really, this is a false economy. These coaches will not meet environmental standards and will not conform to the requirements of Low Emissions Zones and actually cost more to run. We pass the savings on from our fleet of efficient coaches to you.